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Early Season Snow Track

Stored snow to open the season early

Early Season Snow Track

Early season
cross country skiing is here!

The early season track goes around Laajavuori stadium area and on the east side of Vuorilampi. You can either park at stadium parking (preferred) or at Laajis parking area. During dark hours there is illumination on the track. The track is ca. 2,3km long.

More info on early season skiing at Jyväslumi web page and Facebook page.

Enjoy skiing – remember our Ski Service if the glide doesn’t feel right!
Our full-service equipment service is available throughout the winter season. With good equipment, you can enjoy your hobby and with our service, you will have time for your hobby. OYou can bring the equipment to us for service within the opening hours of the rental shop (entrance from the lower door of the rental shop) or make an advance booking through the online rental shop.

Early Season Snow Track

Ticket sales
and pricing

You can buy tickets at Jyväslumi ticket sales booth located in the parking lot next to the track. You can also pay with sports vouchers. More information on Jyväslumi webpage or on Facebook.

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Starting from 22.12.2021 first snow skiing track is free for season 2021-22.