Leisure Groups

Various activities for smaller or b bigger groups!

Leisure Groups


There is something for everyone at Laajis! Activities around the year, food and drinks, space for bigger groups, saunas and so on!

Contact us – let's plan a fun day for the group!


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Leisure Groups


Active birthdays in Laajavuori!

Depending on the season, there are various activities to choose from! During the winter you can grill some sausages on the lean-tos, while during the summer you can have some great adventures in the Adventure Park! Combined with the Vuorilampi smoke sauna and a great meal, it's a recipe for fun day!

Leisure Groups

Bachelor Party

Come enjoy your bachelor party in Laajavuori Ski Center! Adventure park, downhill biking, e-Fatbikes, plenty of other activities and sumo-suits along with other fun props! A great last stop for the party is at the Vuorilampi smoke sauna where you can have the traditional bridal sauna! The Scandic Hotel & Spa Laajavuori is only 400 meters away and its services can be attached to the day.

Leisure Groups

Christmas party

A special Christmas party with the your group in Laajis! We have space for larger groups too, as the restaurant can be reserved and it has seats for over 100 people to dine while enjoying the Christmas spirit. 

The renewed Christmas menus and enjoyable additional services guarantee a successful evening. The party can be tailored to match your wishes. For an example, the evening can have a toast, dining, karaoke, music and stand up-shows and of course we will be serving you the whole evening. The party can have various other activities and additions attached to it, for example the Vuorilampi smoke sauna and accommodation.