Equipment Service

High-quality ski service from waxing to full service

Ski service is open for 22-23 season!

Ski service is closed for the 22-23 season.

There is no need to reserve time for maintenance, you can bring the equipment to us during Laajis’ opening hours. The normal service queue is a couple of business days. 

Direct number to our Ski service
tel. 0207 436 439.

Equipment Service


Service* Price
Cross country 40€
Alpine 45€
Wide alpine / Snowboard / SKi jumping skis 50€
*Includes base cleaning, stone grinding, waxing, brushing and polishing. Also edge sharpening for alpine. Ski bindings for ski jumping skis must be removed before the service.
Primer and waxing* Price
Cross country 20€
Alpine 25€
Wide alpine / Snowboards / Ski jumping skis 30€
* Includes cleaning, primer and waxing, brushing and polishing.
Cross country15€
Wide alpine / Snowboards / Ski jumping skis25€

* Sisältää luistovoitelun puhtaaseen sukseen, harjauksen ja kiillotuksen.

Other Services Price
Express-services (equipment in an hour), price per equipment * 10€
Tape / paste removal 5€
Grip waxing (cross country) 10€
Cross country ski base grinding (on clean ski base) 20€
Alpine, snowboard and ski jumping** ski base grinding 30€
Nanogrip/Optigrip ski service (includes cleaning and treatment fluid) 20€
Mohair and skin ski service (includes cleaning and waxing with Optiwax glide tape)*** 10€
Filling base scrapes **** alk. 10€
Equipment cleaning* alk. 10€
* Express-service price is added on top of the regular price. ** Ski jumping skis bindings have to be removed before the service. *** Waxing not included. ****NB! Cleaning price is added to the service if the equipment needs cleaning before service.

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