Adventure Park

Over 2kms of breathtaking slides and challenges

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– Next Adventure Park season start 25.5.2024


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Adventure Park


3 hours of breathtaking climbing challenges and thrilling ziplines. Adventure is possible for all ages and most fitness levels.

Rise high to the treetops like a monkey and set free your inner adventurer. Prepare to test your Tarzan skills and let your sweat flow when you challenge yourself on the obstacles requiring balance, bravery and strength. Come with your friends, family, partner or colleagues to make a lasting memory of an adventure. Our Adventure park guides are there for you and they will help you challenge yourself further than you had ever expected - jump in on an adventure!

Laajavuori Adventure park is one of the largest in Nordic countries. There is climbing and ziplines on tree tops and high poles for almost 2,5 kilometers. There are easy and beginner-friendly courses near the ground but also more demanding ones up to 20 meters high off the ground.

You can book your adventure in advance on our booking service. Booking has to be made the day before by 18.00. Family ticket and group discount are available only when booked in advance. Prebooking is not mandatory and you can also come for an adventure without a reservation. Why book in advance: on our busiest days you're guaranteed your prebooked start time without additional queues. If you're unable to find suitable start times on our booking service you can also contact us by phone and inquire on the booking status at the park. Note that on those busiest days we could be unable to answer all calls, so it's just as easy to just come by and start your adventure!

NB! Courses will start closing 20-40 mins before park closing time. Note this when you're making a booking!

Adventure Park


Adventure ticket (over 140cm) 28€
Kids’ ticket (110-139cm) 23€
Junior ticket (90-109cm) 15€
Family ticket (4 persons) 95€
Season pass 199€
Gloves 4€

We recommend making a reservation beforehand.

Adventure Park

For smaller
members of family

There's fun action at Adventure park also for smallest members of families! The junior courses at the Adventure park bring out the bravest kids on safe conditions. You can find other activities on the area too. We have built new wooden playground for kids on spring 2021. There you can find swings, a slide, balance puzzles and lot more! If you need a break from adventure, you can use our in-house-fireplace on front slope right next to adventure park. You should pay a visit there, there is a great view over the Jyväskylä city!.The nearby Vuorilampi is a nice pond to jump in for a swim on a hot summer day. 

Rules and instructions

You should follow these guidelines and instructions given by park guides.

* Remove rings, jewellery, watch etc. before the adventure not to get tangled on park obstacles.
* Follow the guidance from park guides and other staff.
* It’s allowed to walk only on marked tracks and wooden bridges in the forest.
* You can only go on the courses after the safety guidance at the training course.
* Go through the courses starting from easiest and ending up with more difficult ones.
* Let faster climbers pass you, there are overtaking points on the courses. Let slower climbers in front pass obstacles at their speed without further pressuring them.
* If you have to take the harness off during your visit, make sure you have the harness checked again by park guide before going back on the courses.
* No climbing while intoxicated.
* No smoking or open flame in the park area.
* You’re allowed on the park area to watch others climb free of charge. Climbing is only allowed for paid customers.
* You’re not allowed to give the equipment to any other person while in the park.
* You should take good care of your safety gear. Intentionally or by not following given instructions broken safety gear could lead to liability.
* It’s not permitted to use your own safety gear.

* Maximum weight on the course is 120kg.
* Climbing is not recommended while pregnant, ask your doctor for additional instructions.
* Minimum height for junior courses is 90cm and maximum height is 140cm.
* Minimum height for green courses in forest section (Löytöretki & Perhe) is 110cm (recommended).
* Minimum height on all the other courses is 140cm.
* There can only be max. 3 persons at once on the wooden platforms.
* Only one person at a time on the ziplines. Make sure the person in front of you has climbed off to the next platform before going on the glide.
* Max. 2 persons at once on all other regular obstacles.
* Limitations for maximum persons can also be found on obstacle info on the trees.

* Under 13 year olds can only visit with a guardian or teacher.
* Under 18 year olds will need a written approval from guardian on the adventure agreement.
* Make sure that children don’t walk under the low courses (under 2m).
* Guardian will need to be present at the park and take care the children follow the given safety regulations and user rules.

* Weather and wind conditions may affect the course opening hours. The longest ziplines could be closed during high winds.
* Regular rain is not stopping adventures. During thunderstorms we’ll close the courses and you can continue when the storm has passed.
* Courses start getting closed 15-40 mins before park closing time.
* There could be maintenance work on courses occasionally. We won’t be able to guarantee that all courses are available all the time.
* Park guides can give instructions and limit the courses where each climber is allowed on. The most difficult courses are not suitable for all.

* Adventure park is built to EN15567-1 and EN15567-2 standards. These are the strictest Europe-wide criteria for adventure park activities.
* Park has been inspected and approved by external, non-partisan, accredited specialist.
* Park structures and trees are inspected by external specialist yearly.
* Personal safety gear and harnesses are inspected after every use.
* The courses and structures are inspected daily and maintained regularly.
* Park guides are experienced rope activity guides, with experience on rope rescue and operating in high places.

* Remember gloves. Buy a pair at Laajis or bring your own.
* Don’t wear your nicest clothes. There’s some sap on the trees which could stain your outfit.
* Take good shoes. Flat-soled work well, but sandals and other open shoes are not suitable for climbing.
* Backbags and scarves can’t be worn on the courses.
* Remember a toilet visit before the adventure, especially with smaller children.
* The whole park area is smoke-free and drug-free.
* To ensure safety it’s forbidden to enter the courses when park is closed. There could be maintenance work on courses that’s not visible for outsider.
* We have lockable lockers for storing your property while out.
* Own bottles are OK, but you can’t take one out on a course.
* It’s possible to buy a drink ticket at the park register, which you can exchange to a refreshment at the forest park start platform.