Nature and trails

Nature trail & lean-tos

Have a nice day out in Laajavuori forests

Nature trail & lean-tos

Nature trail

The nature trail is an excellent way to get to know the varied forests around Laajavuori. The trail is 4km in length circumventing around the Laajavuori hill on anti-clockwise direction. There are 18 information boards (in Finnish only) along the path, telling about the area's geology, flora and fauna, and how to look after the woods. The trail is marked with YELLOW dots and there are signposts where the trail crosses other paths.

Nature trail & lean-tos


Beside the nature trail you'll find lean-tos (or "Laavu" in Finnish), that have been renewed in co-operation with the city of Jyväskylä. You might grill a sausage or brew some coffee on a bonfire at one of the lean-tos.

Along the nature trail we have one lean-tos on the back slope of Laajavuori. Niemelä lean-tos is located 300m from the nature trail and it's marked on the map. 

We also have a modern lean-tos, located half-way up the front slope.

Have a refreshing break out in the woods of Laajavuori!