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Ski tracks and lean-tos

Cross-Country Skiing in Laajis

Ski tracks and lean-tos

Ski track
in Laajavuori

Laajavuori offers 48km of maintained ski track in the heart of Jyväskylä. With variety in the different routes, there's enough challenge for everyone. 15km of routes are illuminated. You can find two lean-tos in the are where you can grill some sausages and warm by the fire. 

Remember to check out the early snow ski track.

Inquiries and feedback on the ski tracks
City of Jyväskylä is in charge of maintaining the ski tracks in Laajavuori. Contact them here: 014 569 4257 / liikunta.info@jyvaskyla.fi.

Here you can see which parts of the ski tracks are maintained most recently.


Ski tracks and lean-tos

Instructions for other people in the area

Please note! Ski tracks are intended for cross country skiing only. It in forbidden to walk or move by other means of travel in the ski tracks.

For the maintained ski tracks forbidden are 

* pedestrians
* dogs
* horses

Thank you for understanding!

Ski tracks and lean-tos

Lean-tos and
other rest areas

By the ski tracks, you can find lean-tos and rest areas. You can find the locations on the map.

Don't forget the Laajis restaurant where you can find food, hot beverages and sausages to grill on the lean-tos.