Spaces for groups and meetings

Only 4km from the city center

Spaces for groups

Meeting packages
and spaces

We offer a variety of activities, menus and spaces for groups and meetings!


Jani Sallinen, tel. 044 7276919 or e-mail:
Lasse Niivuori, tel. 045 350 6888 or e-mail:

Spaces and saunas

All meeting spaces has an opportunity to use a big tv screen as a monitor (Kabinetti, Pommari, Restaurant).

SaunasMax amount of peopleOwn drinksPlease note
Smoke sauna15 personsNo, A-lisenceLocated at the shore of Vuorilampi
Caravan-area sauna10 personsAllowed
Hostel sauna15 personsAllowed


Meeting spaceMax amount of peopleOwn drinksPlease note
Kabinetti18 personsNo, A-lisenceAdjacent to the restaurant
Pommisuoja30 personsAllowedApprox 20 people 
Restaurant80 personsNo, A-lisenceVarattavissa tilaisuuksiin ravintolan aukioloaikojen ulkopuolella
Spaces for groups

Activities for

Ask for different activities around the year! Skiing, snowshoeing, e-fatbikes, SUP-boards, adventure park and so on!

Spaces for groups

Service and

You can add a ready menu for your sauna evening or a meeting. 

Meeting service

Little snacks and refreshing options for your meeting.

Lunch buffet
From our lunch buffet menu you can choose a delicious lunch menu for your group. We can plan suitable foods and drinks for your liking.
Remember to mention allergies and special diets with your booking.

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