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Maps and routes

Cycling routes

There are plenty of nice trails in the forests of Laajavuori that are suitable for e-fatbike rides. At the moment there are no specified marked routes in the area. We offer some route choices in Jyväskylä region as included in rental price. The bike routes are designed with e-fatbikes in mind and are suitable for all. The routes can be found in Nomadi-application. There will be marked spots along the route as places and sights worth a visit.

1. Lake route
Perfect route for families to see the amazing lakeside scenery in Jyväskylä!

2a. Short mtb route
Easy route on wide and even terrain. Lean-tos located along the route.

2b. Longer mtb route
More challenge and nice scenery in the back terrain.

4. Marathon mtb route
Challenging route will test your stamina and riding skills!


It's possible to ride on Laajavuori winter biking trail on snowy conditions, which takes you to back terrain in Laajavuori: WINTER BIKING