Means of payment

Means of payment

Flexible ways
to pay

As payment instruments, in addition to cash we accept the following payment cards:
* Mastercard and Maestro

The following sports vouchers / cards can be used as payment instruments:
* Smartum (Mobile app)
* Edenred (card and mobile app)
* ePassi (Mobile app)

With sports vouchers or cards you can pay your personal tickets, rentals and ski school. Please note that you can't pay for equipment service or equipment storage with sports vouchers/cards.

In our online store you can also pay with all Finnish bank methods.

Means of payment

Gift Cards

You can purchase a gift card in Laajis.

Terms and conditions

-Gift cards are accepted for Laajis services and products. The gift cards are not usable for buying alcohol or a new gift card

-The minimum value is 30€/gift card

-Gift cards are valid for one year from the point of purhcase

-The gift card must be used in one sitting

Food pass-gift card

You can also buy a gift card to be used in the restaurant and cafe. 

Personal gift card with sports vouchers

You can buy a personal gift card with sports vouchers. In that case, you must choose a specific service or product with the user's name. This can be a great option if your sports vouchers are expiring.