The rental period of the winter season storage place starts on the first day the slopes are open and ends on
the last day the slopes are open.

If the storage place has not been emptied at the end of the rental period, Laajis has the right to break the
Tenants lock and empty the storage place. In this case, the broken lock will not be replaced and Laajis will
charge the Tenant a €50 emptying fee. Laajis handles the contents of the storage places that have not been
picked up after the rental period in accordance with the provisions on found goods.


The Tenant has access to the storage facilities during the opening hours of the ski rental store.

A separate service fee is charged for access to the storage space outside the rental office's opening hours,
and the Tenant must agree with Laajis in advance. Laajis does not guarantee access at the desired time.


The Tenant pays for the storage place before getting access according to the valid price list.

The Tenant stores the goods at their storage location at their own risk. Laajis does not compensate damage
caused to the goods and the loss of the goods. There is recording video surveillance in the storage facilities.

The Tenant undertakes to follow Laajis rules and staff instructions.

The Tenant takes care of the cleanliness of the rented storage place and takes the garbage to the garbage.

The cabinet must not be dented or broken, and stickers must not be attached to it.

Food may not be stored in the storage areas.

Laajis has the right to charge a cleaning fee from the Tenant for an untidy storage space.

Laajis has the right to terminate the rental agreement if the Tenant does not comply with the conditions
mentioned in this agreement and violates them despite the warning. In this case, the rental amount will not
be returned to the Tenant.


The Tenant is responsible for the lock and locking of the rented storage space. Laajis does not reimburse
the costs incurred from breaking the lock, if the lock has to be broken at the Tenantss request or if the
Tenant has taken his equipment to the wrong place.

For storage places with fixed locks, the key can be obtained from the cash desk of the ski rental. If the
Tenant loses the key, Laajis will charge the costs of replacing the lock.